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Happy Teens
Teen Facial 
Ages 13-17

It is never too early to begin receiving facial treatments.

This is not only a personalized treatment, but also an educational platform to help teach proper skin health.


An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea
Skin Irregularity/Hair Removal

Using a high frequency electric current, permanently remove skin tags, keratosis, hyper-pigmentation, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia and thick, course facial hair.

Priced during free consultation.

Woman in White Shirt
Dermaplane Facial

Full one hour facial which includes a dermaplane exfoliation. This treatment uses a disposable blade to remove excess dead skin and debris leaving your face smooth and glowing.



One hour facial which includes a microneedling session as well as a tool to continue treatment at home for maximum results.​


Professional Facial

Looking dull, uneven, congested? This gentle non-invasive procedure can help smooth and brighten your complexion.


LED facial
LED Light Therapy

A non-invasive treatment using various light emitting diodes that are absorbed by the skin to firm, tighten, reduce acne and/or inflammation.



Also known as facial toning, microcurrent physically firms, lifts and contours the skin through muscle re-education. This treatment helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles bringing a revived look to the skin.



This facial focuses on skin tightening in the neck, chin, cheek areas. Using sound waves and red LED light, your skin will feel tighter and look more sculpted.


Woman enjoying chemical peel
Chemical Peels

We offer 5 of the most active and effective peels on the market today...

Lactic • Derm Renewel • Glycolic • Salicylic • Modified Jessner's

After analyzing your skin and knowing what your desired results are, we will determine the peel that would be best for you.


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